Post Production / Editing

Post-production (or Post) is a crucial phase in the filmmaking process, that happens after the drone filming is completed. It is not small matter.

At Drone Solutions, we do not underestimate its importance. And nor should you. Our experienced team of editors will transform your raw footage into a compelling and coherent story. We take great pride in our expertise in post-production. It is our attention to detail, it is our creativity, it is knowing the latest techniques and, perhaps the most important skill of all, is knowing when to stop. That is what will separate your film the rest and give you a real commercial advantage.

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Previous projects

Take a look at the great range of projects we have undertaken in the past, including corporate videos, FPV flights and inspections.

Drone Solutions, marketing films


Pilgrim’s is a global leader in the food industry. Their facility in the Wirral is […]

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Retro Chelsea

Retro Chelsea is a stunning conversion of an old chapel in Fulham. The apartments will […]

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Drone Somutions, post production, editing


KPMG approached Solutions to produce 4 films of KPMG employee delivering corporate messages on a […]

Drone Solutions - post production, editing


Solutions produced three ­films. Each fi­lm combines 3D animation with live action footage and takes […]

Drone Solutions, post production, editing


Solutions was commissioned by UKAS to make a new animation to mark World Accreditation Day […]

Our Post Production Services

1. Editing

Our editors are perfectionists. And that attention to detail and years of storytelling experience, will mean that your video will exceed your expectations.

2. Animation

From subtle motion graphics to full blown CGI, our animator can transform your video so that it delivers your message so it stands out from the crowd.

3. Effects

Our effects team add visual elements like CGI, motion graphics, and VFX, bringing imagination and creativity to your film.

4. Retouching

We will enhance your visuals, correcting imperfections, and refining details so you always look your best.

5. Colour Grading

We will manipulate the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue to match the mood and messaging of your film.

Why Drone Solutions?

At Drone Solutions, we believe that great post-production transforms the quality and impact of your videos. Whether it's a marketing film, promotional video, a time-lapse, a drone flight or creative project, our post-production team will work to both understand and meet your specific requirement. Trust us to turn your drone footage into a compelling and visually brilliant story that connects with your audience.

Our other services

Creative drone filming for marketing projects.

Specialist First-Person View (FPV) drone filming .

Leading time-lapse services and video services.

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