Pilgrim’s is a global leader in the food industry. Their facility in the Wirral is one of the most sophisticated and advanced in the industry. Pilgrim’s were pitching to one of the world’s most famous food brands. They wanted a compelling video to showcase their brand, their work, their values and in particular their facility in Wirral. The catch? Not only did this video need to be of the highest standard, the deadline was incredibly tight.

This is when Pilgrim’s found Drone Solutions. We understood the urgency, Drone Solutions immediately set-up time-lapse cameras to capture all the busy facility around the clock. Then we filmed with drones, both inside and outside the site to emphasize the sheer scale of Pilgrim’s’ operations.

We had captured the intensity and the scale of the site, but now we wanted the human element of it. Drone Solutions conducted interviews with key figures at Pilgrim’s, allowing them to express what it was like to work for Pilgrim’s and at the Wirral facility. The result is a fast-paced, dynamic film that not only highlighted Pilgrim’s’ energy but also showcased their brand values, technical sophistication, and commitment to health and safety.

The outcome? Pilgrim’s were not just pleased; they were delighted with the film. Even more importantly, their client loved it and the film in a small way helped secure a deal worth many millions of pounds for Pilgrim’s.