Drone Compliance, Safety, Permits and Permissions.

At Drone Solutions, safety and compliance are at the core of everything we do.

We take pride in having the highest standards, ensuring every drone flight is carried out safely, responsibly and within the regulations.

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How we work

At Drone Solutions, we pride ourselves on our governance, compliance and safety. Here some of the reasons that you can trust Drone Solutions with your drone flight, inspection or filming.

CAA Accredited Pilots

Our pilots are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate outside the Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ) up to 600' above surface level. Inside the FRZ, we can secure permission from the relevant Air Traffic Service Unit to operate up to 2,000' above surface level. This is significantly more than other drone companies.

Dedicated Compliance Team

We have a dedicated compliance and permissions team that manages the permits and approvals for all our flights. This means that not only can we get permission to fly where other drone companies can’t, we can often get permission much quicker than other companies. Wherever you want to fly, however challenging, our brilliant team will try to make it happen for you.

London Operations

It is no small matter to fly in London. It is one of the most heavily regulated and controlled airspace in the World. However, it is possible to fly in London, but it needs experience of and an understanding of the regulations. Drone Solutions specialise in flying in London. Wherever you need to fly in London, Drone Solutions will have the experience to get the permissions you require.

Airport Permissions

Drone Solutions can and have flown near airports after obtaining advanced permissions to operate drones in controlled airspace. Adherence to regulations and agreements with the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) is crucial in avoiding risks to manned aircraft. You should expect restrictions like geofencing and height restrictions to be imposed.

Night Operations

Flying at night is challenging. Drone Solutions ensures safe night-time flights with comprehensive planning, rigorously following the guidelines, and most importantly using the right equipment. Detailed flight planning, visual monitoring during flights, and enhanced safety protocols allow us to conduct night operations safely. If you want a night shot or footage at the Golden Hour, Drone Solutions are the team to talk to.

Indoor flights

Flying drones indoors presents challenges due to confined spaces and limited GPS signal. Safety is paramount, as we must navigate obstacles and avoid collisions with walls, ceilings, people and other objects. Often an FPV drone is the best solution for an indoor flight, although in large indoor spaces we may use a standard drone. In circumstances Drone Solutions will always use the right equipment for the job.

Health and Safety Compliance

The UK Civil Aviation Authority and the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have very strict guidelines for drone operations. Drone Solutions put the safety of their clients, their team and, indeed, everyone involved above everything. We always create a safe environment before we undertake any drone operations. Of course, we understand that no operation is completely risk free but will do everything we can to mitigate that risk and if we can’t; we wouldn’t fly.

Public Liability Insurance

Of course, we hope that there is never any need to make an insurance claim. Nevertheless, Drone Solutions has £10 million comprehensive public liability insurance. This coverage is in place to provide peace of mind to our clients, our team and the public by protecting against potential liabilities and damages. Having substantial and robust insurance reflects Drone Solutions commitment to safety and professionalism.

Detailed Planning

Drone Solutions meticulously plan each flight so that not only is it tailored to meet our client’s requirements and outcomes but also, we prioritize safety and legal compliance. Each mission undergoes rigorous pre-flight planning to mitigate risks and ensure operational excellence and great deliverables. This approach reflects Drone Solutions commitment to delivering both the outcomes our clients expect and safe drone operations.

Comprehensive Records

Drone Solutions meticulously document all operations, creating a comprehensive record of each mission. This record-keeping ensures transparency, traceability, and accountability, providing all of our clients with a detailed history of their projects including final films and all project files. These records facilitate analysis, compliance, data retrieval and future decision-making, improving project management and customer service.

Our Other Services

Our clients are diverse and work across many sectors, every customer is different, every job is unique. And every one of them is important to us. However, there are few areas in which we work more often. Here are a few of our specialist services.

Drone flights in some of the most heavily controlled airspace.

Quality footage for realtors with rapid turnaround.

Monitoring, inspections, surveying specifically for the construction industry.

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