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Flying a drone at night; brilliant footage but not without its challenges.

22 September 2023

Filming at night with a drone opens up a world of possibilities, from capturing cityscapes bathed in shimmering lights to creating moody and cinematic shots during the golden hour. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. Here, Drone Solutions fresh from recent night flights, explore some some of  the issues to consider ensure […]

We are hiring….

28 August 2023

Drone Solutions is growing – fast – and we need someone to join our team as a Sales Support Specialist to help us manage our sales enquiries and make sure our clients get the best possible advice and service. The job details are listed below. If you, or someone you know, are interested in this […]

Drone or UAV? Which is it and does it matter?

13 August 2023

It is time for Drone Solutions to decide. Are we going to use Drone or UAV when we talk about our services? Most people  use the terms “drone” and “UAV” interchangeably, yet they appear to carry subtle distinctions. While both refer to unmanned aerial vehicles, “drone” has gained wider popularity and usage. It’s the go-to […]

Flying a drone in London is no small matter…

05 August 2023

Drone flights in London are amazing. Not surprisingly there are many restrictions around Government buildings, airports and other important monuments.  Some companies are put off by this. Drone Solutions are not. It is difficult to fly in London. But it is not impossible. And it can take time. And there may be some restrictions. Drone […]

Drones in Construction: A Beginner’s Guide.

05 August 2023

Drones are an essential tool in the construction industry, as they offer a number of benefits over traditional methods of surveying and monitoring. Drones can be used to: Collect high-resolution images and videos of construction sites, which can be used to track progress, identify potential problems, and create 3D models. Conduct inspections of difficult-to-reach areas, […]

Drone Solutions Creates Stunning FPV Footage for Queens Park Rangers Football Club

05 August 2023

Drone Solutions recently created a stunning FPV (first-person view) film for Queens Park Rangers Football Club. The film showcases the club’s new training facility in Heston, Middlesex. The film begins with a bird’s-eye view of the training ground, giving viewers a sense of its size and scale and then swoops down and flies through the […]

Quick tips for marketing your construction company (time-lapse and drone edition)

12 February 2023

So you’ve set up your construction company and are not sure what’s next, or you are already an existing company and lacking ideas on how to market. Not to worry – we can give you a few helpful tips! TYPE OF CONTENT First of all, you need to decide what content you are going to […]

Drone videographers and photographers for hire

05 January 2023

Working with our partners at Perspective Media, our drone services are ideal for providing you with further and more advanced footage of your site. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY With drone photography, you can capture an aerial view of your site. Aerial photography is great for capturing angles of your site that you might not be able to […]