Midcounties Co-operative

When the Midcounties Co-operative’s nursery brand, Little Pioneers, sought to create a TV advertisement, they envisioned something extraordinary that would reflect their cooperative values and high-quality care. They turned to Solutions, not only for our creative and technical skills but also our empathetic approach to working with children.

Little Pioneers wanted three ground-breaking films that would revolutionise the industry. No small matter! Solutions developed the “Worlds of Adventure” concept, which showed the nursery experience from both a child’s physical and imaginative perspectives. They used green screen technology to blend real nursery scenes with imaginative worlds, transforming everyday moments into jungles, ambulances, and art galleries.

The process was intricate, requiring both technical and creative expertise as well as an understanding of children’s needs. Solutions ensured that the children were comfortable and natural during filming, capturing their genuine interactions.

The result was a series of films that exceeded all expectations. The Midcounties Co-operative was delighted. They loved the creativity, technical excellence, and empathetic portrayal of children. The advertisements set a new industry standard, enhancing Little Pioneers’ brand image and attracting new families to their nurseries.

Solutions’ campaign not only highlighted the unique qualities of Little Pioneers but also resonated emotionally, leaving a lasting impact on the childcare industry.

Drone Solutions
Project: Worlds of Adventure
Client: Midcounties Co-op