Ledlenser is a leading manufacturer of high-quality torches. They wanted to showcase their XP30R torch which is a very power torch designed for use by the emergency services. They wanted a night flight over a railway depot to show it being used in a real-world situation. It was no small matter because of night flight regulations and the need for low-light flying experience.

That is why Ledlenser contacted Drone Solutions; the experts in low light drone flights. Planning needed to be meticulous to be sure that the flight was both safe and compliant. In addition, we needed a flight plan that would effectively capture the XP30R torches’ performance. On the mission night, Drone Solutions’ experienced team executed the plan perfectly. The shots are stunning. Not only do they look great but also, they demonstrated the extraordinary power of the XP30R torch. Drone Solutions edited the footage with assets provided by Ledlenser to make a brilliantly effective marketing film. The client was delighted.

The collaboration between Ledlenser and Drone Solutions shows how effective filming at night is at producing extraordinary cinematic footage. But it is not small matter to fly at night, you need to understand the regulations and have the necessary experience to fly safely and get great footage. That is why Ledlenser chose to work with Drone Solutions. Once again, this project not only highlighted the XP30R torch’s capabilities but also the value of innovative drone solutions in marketing high-performance products.