IBS Security Solutions

IBS Security Solutions are leading CCTV and security services business in the North East of England. When they won a contact to provide CCTV for one of the biggest brownfield development sites in the UK, they were delighted. However, one of the requirements of the contract was to provide regular drone footage of the site including drone photography, drone inspections and site monitoring using the drone. The original intention was that they would train up “one of their guys” for the job. However, after discussions with Drone Solutions, it became increasingly obvious that it would be better to work with us to provide these services. It guaranteed quality, the best equipment and IBS would make a healthy margin. Drone Solutions operated as IBS and were completely focused on supporting their client to the level that they would expect. And it has had the added benefit that IBS are now incredibly confident to offer these services to their other clients in the knowledge that they can deliver to the highest standards and make a reasonable profit on the work.