Anonymous Client

We have a client. For the sake of argument lets call her Karolina with K; definitely not Carolina with a C. That is someone entirely different… She is a quite brilliant sales person with a lot of contacts in the construction and film business. How she gets these contacts, it is not quite clear. She has started a drone services company. However, like a lot of small start-ups, she is under capitalised and does not have all the equipment or resources that she needs for the quite astonishing number of sales that she makes. When she first started talking to Drone Solutions about helping her with some of the big contracts she was winning, she was a little cautious; fearful that we would steal or interfere with her customers. We reassured her that we would never operate in such a shabby way and that we would always honour her NDA. There is plenty of work for everyone and Drone Solutions prides itself on its decency and professionalism. However, the proof is in the pudding. And after many jobs, Carolina – errr I mean Karolina – trusts us absolutely. And we do her. Long may this beautiful partnership flourish. BTW this message has been approved by her. Just in case you were wondering.