Segen is the UK’s premier renewables distributor of solar panels, energy storage systems, mounting solutions, and electric vehicle chargers. They are opening a huge new warehouse because of their rapid growth. This is an important moment in the company’s history and they wanted to showcase the facility to both staff and customers before the official opening with a film that captured the scale and technical sophistication of their new facility.

The film needed to be of the highest quality to reflect the quality of the business and the building. And, in addition, there was a very short deadline, there was only few days’ notice and the filming had to happen between the completion of the works and the warehouse being stocked. It was clear that only a drone could capture the facility’s scale both inside and out. That is why the appointed Drone Solutions. They needed the best – the best pilots, the best editing and the most experience. And they needed a team that could work under pressure. This was a one-take project because of small filming window there would be no second chances; in short no room for error. And this is why they trusted the experts – Drone Solutions.

Drone Solutions put together a team at short notice to plan, capture, and edit shots. Two drones were used for the shoot: a standard drone for exterior shots and an FPV (first person view) drone for the interior. The pilot and spotter had only a tight 2-hour window for their operation. The editor began stabilizing the footage immediately after the shoot, working through the weekend to ensure the first draft was ready by Monday morning.

Segen were delighted with the film, describing it as “fantastic.” It was an absolutely brilliant project for everyone involved. We loved working on it. And Segen loved the final film.