Glass Designs

Glass Designs is a leading technical glass design company. You will find their products on some of the most iconic buildings in the world as well as some of the most well-known art installations. They wanted a corporate video to showcase the scale of their business and the quality of their work to their client base that includes the largest architectural firms, construction groups and fit-out companies in the world. In addition, Glass Designs are incredibly proud of their South London roots and they wanted the film to give their clients a sense of place as well as the business. Drones Solutions’ film includes London’s skyline and a fly through the factory absolutely meets all their requirements and they are delighted with it. It is no small matter getting the necessary permits given their location next to The O2 venue and flying through a glass factory has the potential to be a crashing mistake. So they needed experience, professionalism, creativity and safety; that is why they commission Drone Solutions to make their film.